The very final Spring Zouk 2012 mail. For now…

Hello. I have been waiting for you to respond to some of my mails but you seem to not want to respond. I understand that you don’t want to give any refund. Now I am back in Sweden and I’ve tried to call Girish Shetty a few times. The phone number does not seem to be working any more. Will you pay my phone bill if I keep trying? It’s expensive to call from Sweden. I can specify the bill so you see what calls are made to India and my private calls so you don’t pay for more than you should pay. You see, I don’t feel like calling to India and paying the bill myself. Especially since I hold you responsible for the Spring Zouk festival 2012 fiasco still. Partly anyway.
For now I will wait for a refund. This is now a art project. I plan to use these emails for some sort of artistic performance. You can arrange ticket sales for the art event if you like. Until then, I’ll post some final pics for you about Spring Zouk 2013. I’d like to go. It would be good if you paid 2/3 of the cost then. As a refund.
So, see you next year!
With very kind regards,
Richard Wikström