My email to girishshetty about Spring Zouk 2012

I got a mail from kyazoonga that you were one of the organizers for Spring Zouk festival 2012. So I hold you responsible for the lack of any kind of adequate entertainment. I have sent many mails to the official spring zouk mail and have no answers. So please response. Below is my first mail that were sent to both kyazoonga and spring zouk official mail. See far below.

Note: The rest of the mail is the same as I got from Kyazoonga. I also copied the first mail about spring zouk to this person…

Spring zouk breakdown and simplified letter to kyazonga and organizers

Hello. I have mailed a couple of times and have gotten no response at all from them. The webpage is down. So if you have any way of contacting the organizer I would like to have that contact information. I’m quite sure you have been working as a ticket agency with them by other means than the official email. Maybe another email adress or telephone number and the likes? Please send me that so I can reach the organizers in another way. Also I would like some of the organizing persons behind spring zouk 2012.
As I said before you were still selling tickets when we left. And by that time the festival hadn’t started. For that reason I hold you partly responsible.
I just got your ad-email for future event with David Guetta and the likes. Not interested to join that event or any other you organize. Unless I get a refund of course. From you. Or from spring zouk. Concluding>


> Give me 8463.26 rupies back at least.

> I await your response.
With regards, Richard Wikstrom