Spring Zouk with a somethingawful twist.


First, I got banned from the something awful forums for posting about spring zouk 2012. 🙂

This made me cry like a little girl, (not). Irony and sarcasm RULES.


May 01, 2009

AbSynthFrisyr posted:

And also. Gently caress you for not getting the point.

How can you have been registered since 2008 and… Nevermind.

I’ve never heard about this festival before. Why should I give a gently caress? Why should anyone but you and the people who got shafted give a gently caress? Your tirade of whining won’t make anyone less likely to attend, since most of the people reading have never heard of that poo poo.

And congratulation on finding out that sometimes, when you travel, poo poo doesn’t go according to plan.


More quotes:


Sep 24, 2007
I am angry.
So you got scammed in India, big whoop.

That happened to me about 10 times when I was there and you don’t see me crying and making threads like a little girl.


And more quotes:


Jun 18, 2005
one of the more intellectual satire communities on the web

omg this thread


This is amusing. And art.


For full story go above.

Soon, I will send my last mail to kyazoonga. And then I’ll ”see you next year”

DJ Session #1 booked.

10 juli fyller H med Chipsen år.

Första bokningen för karriären. Hannas födelsedag – dessutom fyller karln hennes år dagen innan.

Det blir obskyr chips-pop kvällen lång.

Privat fest, inbjudan krävs – av födelsedagsbarnen.