An yet another Spring Zouk 2012 follow up. Kyazoongas mail and my response.

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> Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 11:12:03 +0530
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Hello! I will contact mr Girish Shetty from an alternate number. I do realize you have not ”authorization” to process refunds. But I still feel fooled and the festival really wasn’t a festival. For that reason, as I have stated before I hold you partly responsible to the fiasco. If the organizers ever answer I would be happy. It seems not. They can give me a refund. It would be appriciated.

Yes, the event I plan might be considered a rave party. Music by acts that were supposed to play at springzouk might be played. The music by Vibrasphere will probably be played. So my event will be in the same area as Spring zouk, with similar music…

You want to stay clear of ”rave” party. Spring zouk was not really a festival. It wasn’t even a rave party. It was a failure, as I have pointed out.

With kind regards, richard
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> Your ticket booking details at
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> Response Via Email(KyaZoonga Customer Service) – 04/04/2012 11:12 AM
> Hi Richard.
> Please contact Girish Shetty from an alternate number and discuss this issue with him. As online ticketing partners for Spring Zouk, we are not authorized to process refunds until directed to do so by the organizers.
> Furthermore, while we appreciate your interest in availing of our ticketing services, we unfortunately have to inform you that we will not be able to ticket your future event since it might be a rave party and we wish to steer clear of such events.
> Thanks
> KyaZoonga Customer Service


Stora mängder kött

Note to self: När man är förkyld, har influensa (Kanske SVININFLUENSA) så är det några saker man inte ska göra.

Som sjukvårdsupplysningen sa: Inte jobba eller träna. Det struntar jag så gärna i. Jag äter hellre chili cheeze doodles och dricker jos.

Sista dagarna har det mest blivit soppor, jos och en bit pizza här och där.

Men idag var jag piggare så jag stekte upp kött som sjöng lite på sista versen bäst före datum.

Extra note to self: Ät inte onödiga mängder kött när du har feber och influensa i kroppen. Då blir det väldigt jobbet för magen att bearbeta sedan.

Låg i sängen och kände mig svag som en kattunge. Så är det fortfarande. Svag som en kattunge som åkt på spö av en trollslända…

15:30 ska jag köra upp. Får se om jag kan masa mig dit. :/