Que sera sera

And again, I am writing a review about a project mu book. It is being written as we speak and not as a amazon review. This is mostly; and I cannot stress this enough; due to the fact that I hate amazaba. It is also probably due to being banned from writing reviews on amazon. Probably due to the fact that I reviewed my own book.

Anyway. Whatever.

Whatever is a play written by Andy Gell. Mr Gell has also brought ”Together” upon our world and is currently working on ”forever part two”. But the Gell does not stop or play around.

He has written another project mu book. I am myself writing my last project mu book. It is the prequel to ”Together” and is called ”Whenever”. It will be finished whenever. I will keep writing political project mu books though. ”No pasaran” part three is coming sometime October 2022. Probably the street date will be October 23. I don´t want to write this particular project mu book though; but it needs to be written. It is being written as we speak.

Anyway. Whatever. This review is about ”Que sera sera” which is a sort of Project mu book. It has 24 pages. The last page proudly states that ”This is not a page”. The book in question does not however have ”project mu book” as a title. So is this really a project mu book or not? No matter. Whatever.

This is a case file that dives into the lore and the event called ”Welcome to the dark ages” built by the JAMS. It was (or so it seems) performed as a play by Andy Gell himself for 23 persons at the event called Castle Perilous. That event seems to be some festival 23, discordian event. I could not attend. Gutted.

But is the book any good? Yes. If you were at Welcome to the dark ages. Or ”Burn the shard”. Probably if you have read any other Gellworks. Or if you are discordian. Or if you have been to Festival 23. Or Toxteth day of the dead.

You need to have some idea about Badger Kull to ”get” this book. It is written as a fragmentary play and has a lot of mystery and shenanigans going on. It helps if you have read ”Together”. Well, somewhat.

This is a book by one of the 400 and mostly written for the 400 and attached persons. If you are not a 400 person it might seem very strange indeed. And it is already a strange book. Since it is written as a play with fragments and everything. Go read it.

As for me, I will of course finish ”whenever” and get going with the sequel to ”Vision: 2040” which will be called ”Vision:2063”.

When these two projects are done I will write ”2046” which will be released on august 23, 2046. Event will start at 20:23 for obvioues reasons. And some cash will be burned on August 23, 2023. You are well aware of why.

The peoples cube will be built!

Hopefully some other persons will burn money too. And assist in wrting a trilogy as one book. Called 2046. As you were.