The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – May 2019 popart trailer (part 1)

So here we are.

May. 2019. This is the third trailer made in may, 2019.

Here we are.

This is ”The may 2019 popart trailer” for…

”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”

The name says part 1 and in a way it is. Part two will be released after May 25, 2019. This means that three trailers will be made for ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” in May 2019. One before the European Union parliament elections and one after (Part 2)

The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – set in the 1990´s. With a popart and Bollywood filter.

The Tenacles of Dr Orlovsky is a forced futuristic art project made in honour of Lina Romay and Jess Franco.

Jesus Manera Franco managed to direct around 200 films.

I intend to make 200 trailers or more for:


The completed ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”

and for the upcoming and concluding:

”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”.

Sadoscchcccookkk AKA The little garden will not have any more trailers made since it is complete.

The two last movies will.






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