The expanding Gelliverse

This was supposed to be a book review. But I hate Amazaba. Which means I cannot do book reviews on Amazon at the moment. If anyone has ever read my blog and ramblings you are aware that this is probably due to me reviewing my own translation of ”Whatever” that became ”Sak samma”. It was really nothing wrong with the review as I see it but well, Amazaba thought differently. Anyway, whatever.

This was still supposed to be a book review. It seems to be more of an article. It is not a project mu book though. While being on the subject though lets discuss these works for a while shall we? Yes we shall.

Andy Gell was the first to go as Page 130 and brought ”Hold on 2.0” upon the word. After that things escalated. I have myself written around 13 or so books. Most as ”Page 257” which I guess is good and proper but I also had page 167 doing the ghostwriting of another book. Not really true ghostwriting since I wrote the book but got permission to use page 167 as authour. Is that ghostwriting or reverse ghostwriting? I am not sure but it does not really matter since we are already dead.

A few of my own project mu books is ”Together” translated to Swedish as project mu books. Together is part of the Gelliverse. So is ”Whatever” and the first part of ”Forever”.

I am myself caught and drawn into this Gelliverse it seems. I have a 400 remix project t-shirt. ”Whatever”, ”Together” and ”Forever book 1” along with ”Hold on 2.0” and also a very mysterious book which proudly states NOT FOR RESALE.

Yes. It is ”The Doctor does Dallas – A tale of the lost doctor” which is written by Page 130. This new play seems to have around 17 pages. It is not 23 pages even if I have counted a few times. After translating ”Together” I have become quite good at counting to 23.  This new play is not a project mu book or a fake project mu book. Nowhere does it say: ”This is not a page” – at least not at the very end. Or at all.

The above is probably the most fake project mu book so far. It has 24 pages and states ”This is not a page” at the last page. It does however go on and repeat a political message that is based on fact. I will write a new book in this series sometime in june 2019.

But hang on. This is about the Gelliverse. And yes, it is expanded. I have read ”The Doctor does Dallas” and well, I like it. It is connected to Doctor Who that I have always liked. From Tom Baker to the feature films with Peter Cushing. Mostly I followed Tom Baker but also took part of the spin-off before the new series with Eric Roberts as The master. Rather nice stuff.

And so is this new book in the Gelliverse. I refuse to give spoilers since it is probably a hard book to get hold of. I got it together with ”The 400 remix project” t-shirt. I will state that it is a play, Doctor Who is in it and it is a prequel to the tv-series. The original mind you. So there is that.

Now, I keep finding myself at times going around and exploring the Gelliverse. It is not the Phantom Zone and I cannot locate Catashi either. Well in fiction but not in reality. I am rather happy about that since Catashi seems a bit edgy.

I had some hopes of being illuminated by the new play and that it would lead me to understand the Gelliverse better. It did not help me at all. I don´t even understand why I thought it would. It is a good play but it really does not help in the wild goose hunt I myself take part of in the Gelliverse at times.

Then again, my own art seems to be difficult to grasp for people as well so there is that.

Anyway. To make it clear the play makes sense, it is good and exciting and you should try to read it if you can.

However there is the case of project mu book by Page 368. At times, I think I have already written about that certain project mu book. If so, I do not apologize. I will just write about it as well.

I discovered this due to the works of a person connected to…

Who as I understand -is- Page 368. That does not seem to help much since someone else seems to have written this project mu book. I can with truth say that I, page 257 have not written this project mu book.

Then again, I am currently on Page 257 of ”False memory” by Dean R. Koontz so I am starting to have doubts… But this particular book is partly a manual, partly a manifesto and through some links connected to esoteric pages on the internet and other shenanigans.

I read it and went a bit bonkers. Again. I searched far and wide over the Internet to find out more and well, nothing was really to be found. Again internet, I apologize for spamming the shit out of you. But then again, that is one of the things the Internet is for or so it  seems…

I got nowhere and the book is still a mystery but I think that it is written by someone of the 400 down under. Australia or very very close.

Since it is both a mysterious manual and a bit of a manifesto I do like it. A lot. It does not make a whole sense at times to me, but since I am already roaming the Gelliverse that is quite okay.

I am, surely along with The Others wating for Forever part two and three. What is next and what will go on? This is questions that both Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond has been asked a lot of times other the years. As for the 400 it is somewhat the same.

One year has soon passed since the release of ”The 400 remix project”. I am myself step by step remixing the tracks. The feedback has so far been either a thumbs up or that they are dreadful and awful. I am also releasing music each and every month counting down from page 257. I am going down to ”1in400” and then ”0in400” so there is that. What? Going on with my life? As it says in the instructions at ”Welcome to the dark ages”? Not likely. Not at all. I am still going to write two more parts of ”The forced futuristic art manifesto” which is still available:

See above. Part two and three will be digital art made with apps on my phone. They will be put down in analouge form and explained. Yes, pictures will be explained and a backstory told. Part two and three will also be avaiable as kindle so digital art in digital form.

There are also at least two more project mu books coming. One is picture based and a story of meeting a person. No spoilers…

As for now the Gelliverse might have expanded to another book while I have been writing this. Or another play. Or more project mu books have been written. I think it is being written as we speak.

Just one more pitch for my own work for now:

Yup. I am having my art out there. May 24, 2019 the venue is open from 12-17 CET. Dream 2019. #dream2019

The forced futuristic art manifesto is available along with prints, project mu books and also Vision: 2040 in an expanded and corrected edition.

I blame Andy Gell, Badger Kull, The Jams, the 400 and ”Welcome to the dark ages”


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