The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – Burn the shard popart trailer (leg 2)

Here we go. The Shard has been burned. Well, not really. But a trailer was made and it was for: ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” This is: ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – Burn the shard popart trailer” which was first put on a USB stick and given to Wanda Dee (AKA the voice of the KLF) who just might be Eris herself. Well, not really since I, Pries Verhon is a fake, discordian prophet. #prophet23 Without furter rambling here is the trailer uploaded to the group. ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” is set in the 1990´s and has a Bollywood filter and a popart vibe. It is a tribute move to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. Jesus Manera Franco managed to direct around 170-200 movies in his lifetime and I will make three feature films in honor of him and Lina. I do not have the time to make 200 films but I will make at least 200 trailers, promos, music videos and advent calendars. Around 190 or so now so closing in…. Sadoschoccck is complete and so is ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky will conclude the trilogy even if ”Megashccccoookccc” (a short, forced futuristic art film) might happen in 2023. This is a forced futuristic art project. CELLS. INTERLINKED. CONSTELLATIONS.




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