The case of the project mu book – again…


So this is a story of how I met the Goddess and what I did to her.

Oops. Wrong topic. Yes, above is me (Page 257) and Eris herself. That is… Wanda Dee who did her KLF thing on a cruise. Also a pic of Badger Kull and hello there! It is ”Badger Skull” an upcoming hot band for sure.

But I will write about ”90-talsvågen” and meeting Wanda Dee in another post. More pressing things are going on. So what the fuuk is going on then? Well this for starters:

A project mu book. Written by Page 368 or so it seems. Well, the mystery is going on since it does -not- seem that Page 368 wrote the above book at all… Someone else did. Someone go and found the others or the others.

Since I am banned or whatever from doing reviews on Amazon (I HATE AMAZABA) I will review the project mu book here. Since of course I will. Here we go:

This little book has, as all project mu book 24 pages. The last page states that it is not a page. So there is that. It claims to be an oracle and word book. You need a dice. A standard dice. Well, at least the book claims you do.

There are some items, a lot of text and weird references to Nietzche or so it seems. Nietzche seems to have been a Discordian but one can never be sure…

Anyway. This is a great book. I read it without using a dice but it has a lot of very mysterious passages and instructions. Sort of like a manual. It has some items and so forth…

So… The big question is this: WHO wrote it? One of the 400 surely… But who? I suspect some persons like… Perhaps Andy Gell? Or Scaramanga Silk? Or even Johanna Soshahouse? I mean J -has- ghostwritten before…

Well, it is hard to tell. It might be Stephen Clarke 1980 or basically anyone. Maybe Bill? Jimmy? Daisy Eris Campbell? Wanda Dee? I really have no clue but my thoughts are that page 130 himself was up to some shenanigans. I guess we will all find out ”whenever” or well, it might just die with us all. Do not be afraid though since we are already dead…

I strongly suggest you read it though. It is written well and hey, you might find out who is behind all this…

Meanwhile, be sure to check out:

Just to to it ”Together” I guess… Or:

Since it is being written as we speak…

Last self-promotion for now:

You need to see this.

As for this project mu book that claims to be written by page 368: My project mu-library is getting bigger and expanding… I feel both more and less illuminated but hey, I will write part two and three of ”The forced futuristic manifesto” as Project Mu book and this summer start with ”Vision 2063” that will keep telling the story started in vision 2040.

Read more project mu books. And write more project mu books. That is all for now…


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