A forced futuristic art event.

May 17 in 2019 to may 24 2019.




DJ Badger Kill – 250in400

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Music and music video!

Darren Tyler and Chris Moor – From the Shard 2 the Galaxie – DJ Badger Kill remix 1

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The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – March 2019 popart and 8bit trailer

This is a trailer for march 2019. Here we are. This is ”The march 2019 popart trailer” for… ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – set in the 1990´s. With a popart and Bollywood filter. The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky is a forced futuristic art project made in honour of Lina Romay and Jess Franco. It is being written as we speak and it is a work in progress. Jesus Manero Franco managed to direct around 200 films. I intend to make 200 trailers or more for: Sadoschocccck The completed ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” and for the upcoming and concluding: ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”. Sadoscchcccookkk AKA The little garden will not have any more trailers made since it is complete. The two last movies will. You. Need. To. See. This. #getdrawnintoit As always: * It will be shared. #Constellations #Cells #Interlinked April 23: Music. Music video. April 1: 2019: Footage. April 2019: Two trailers. For both sequels. #prophet23
you need to see this.

The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – March 2019 popart trailer

2019. #dream2019

The 400 remix project remix lives

Music video coming in april or may 2019.

Have you got it yet?

A fan of Pink Floyd. I have been since the 1980´s so there is that. The Wall… Great movie. And well, I worked when Roger Waters played at Friends Arena. He did it himself. No other band or such. And a speech. Surely it was great.
”Us and them”
I was… working. So was I ”us” or ”them” then?
”Barrett, the madcap, got the last laugh, though, when he showed up at that last rehearsal and offered to share a new song he’d written. He was calling it, “Have You Got It Yet?,” and the band ran through the song a few times, but each time they played it, Barrett was changing the song’s structure and its melody during each run-through, and it was proving to be difficult for the band to follow his lead.
He’d play it for them again, and once again it would change, until they realized that Barrett was changing the song each time he played it. The clue was right there in the title of the song: it was all an elaborate madcap prank.
Eventually, they realized Barrett was having them on, and years later, Waters — during an interview he did for The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story — said that he didn’t really enjoy Barrett’s little joke. He put down his bass, left the room, and never attempted to play with Barrett again.
He did, however, call what Barrett had done “a real act of mad genius.”
“Have You Got It Yet?” was never recorded by Pink Floyd or by Syd Barrett.”
”Of course, the band never did quite get it, as they were chasing the proverbial carrot on the string. Eventually they realized that they had become victims of Barrett’s eccentric sense of humor. In fact Waters stated, in an interview for The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story, that upon realizing Barrett was deliberately making the tune impossible to learn, he put down his bass guitar, left the room, and never attempted to play with Barrett again. Waters had called it ”a real act of mad genius”.
Have you got it yet?
This is truly the work of a genius. it should be recorded by the remaning members of Pink Floyd as a single. Just one more. Waters. Mason. Gilmour.
Just get it for Syd and do it…