Class with DJ Badger Kill, spring 2019 (Part 1)

I will teach high school kids English until mid june. Today, I introduced ”English oral presentations on mondays and thursdays” which basically means that every monday and thursday one person will talk about a good band, a good movie, a good sport event or the likes. There is also a backup person if the ”regular” person is not there.
I decided to do a presentation about ”Welcome to the dark ages” and played two videos. First, Badger Kulls performance from ”WTTDA”. Then, ”Band aid 2023”.
Reactions were:
”Guys, it is like he is there right now!”
(Yes, it felt that way a bit).
and ”Are they doing that in a church?”
”I might get epilipsy”
”Do you enjoy that kind of music?”
I teach three classes in total.
This means doing this again two times. Will use some different videos for each class and well…
Spread the gospel.
Tomorrow is always too late.

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