The case of another Project Mu Book

Yes, I have bought and read another Mu Book. This is mainly due to me not going on with my life. Or death for that matter.

This Project Mu book is written by Julian Porter. Mr Porter is also the author of the ”Antizeitgeist Manifesto” which is another project mu book.

His page number is 269 by the way. And I have read the anti zeitgeist manifesto.

However, this is the case of another project mu book.

Regency romance is a project mu book. It is fun, lighthearted and just superb. It does have some issues though. It is clearly a parody and tounge in cheek since it pokes fun at actual regency romance, Jane Austen and the likes. Still, it works like a charm. Somewhat. It is clearly a feminist pamphlet but at times it just goes slightly to far. Or does it? I cannot decide. And this is the genius of this book. It is a parody, it is feministic but it also gets you thinking about the wording, context and such.

All in all I enjoyed it since it shows the absurd side of the regency novels. Yes, I have read some Jane Austen and seen some adaptions of her novels. This is a short book, like all mu books are. I recommend it. I do however think that the ”Anti-Zeitgeist manifesto” is better in content, context and discourse. So there is that.

Looking forward to the next one though. Keep them coming, Mr Porter. Keep them coming.

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