The case of project mu books

First and foremost – I really do hate Amazaba. I have my reasons. They are many. I will explain them. For starters, I think I am banned from making comments. This is probably due to the fact that I did a review of ”Whatever” or well, it was of ”Sak samma” and gave it some praise. I did the translation and well I do think ”Whatever” is good and since it is good ”Tillsammans” is also good. But as I myself -did- the translation Amazon got a bit put off I gather.

No matter. I still hate Amazaba. Kindle direct publishing works great and all but some times it has taken like almost 23 tries (not really, not even 10 but hey, 23 is important) to get my book published. Surely I am just incompentent but I still hate Amazaba. I must add that it seems to work better for every book I publish. So there is that.

Anyway, my name is Pries Verhon and I write Mu books. I started with:

which is the Aleppo manifesto explained in a meta style. My friend said it was very postmodern. It is.

I have kept on with:

and also

whis is ”Together” written by Andy Gell and others translated to Swedish as ”Tillsammans”.  Part three is coming along nicely, thank you for asking. It might be five parts before it is done. Or a few more parts. I do hope there will be five, for obvious reasons.

I have read some other mu books. It makes perfect sense to me after having been to Welcome to the dark ages, having written a play based on a fanzine and the event in question, inspired by whatever, translating whatever and right now obviously translating Together.


See the above. Yes, you should all write Mu books. It is a creative, interesting project to get your writing going. I know. I have an idea of a novel laying around somewhere. I am sure you do to. One document is basically an outline and what it will all be about. The other document is the start of a first chapter. And that is it and has been since I started writing this in 2011 or 2012. I feel like Brian in Family guy. But I do not drink close to as much as he does. As a matter of fact I drink very little alcohol. I might benifit from drinking more. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I was also part of a charity album.

There are only three copies remaining as I write this so you need to buy that.

I know. I am writing about how great I am a bit here. And hey, I kind of am. I did transle ”Whatever”. And I am making 256 songs with music videos. My song on the above album is called ”Sailing,bye/257in400” where the first part is by Simon Stokes. I did the second part and my page is 257 in 2023. Since I have that page in a box where a 2023 t-shirt was I decided to make 256 songs. With music videos. The plan is to release one song every month on the 23d until I reach 1in400. So it will take a long time. 256in400 is already out there and 255in400 is ready for release on october 23. is the platform of choice. It will not be possible to have all the tracks there as I do not have a preomium account. So there is that. If you like my creative work and would like to have the music on one account well here is an idea:

Yes, this is a paypal pool and it is for me writing the Aleppo manifesto. Read my first mu book, you will surely get it. However, this manifesto is acutally a part of Forced futuristic art and my music as Pries Verhon is also Forced futuristic art. So if you donate to the pool the money will go to the manifesto and ffa. Mostly to me writing more on the manifesto, doing research, perhaps writing another project mu book about it. And also to making the soundcloud for Pries Verhon premium so that all the upcoming music can be on one account.

One review in a Facelife group was that I might consider collecting stamps instead. I had a small stamp collection as a child. It is probably around somewhere. The only stamps I am intreseted in now are the stamps put out by Jimmy Cauty for obvious reasons.

For other, surely obvious reasons there is a link for my play above.

So here we go. Finally. This is a post about project mu book. And I will review said project mu books. Finally. At last.

The first mu book I will review is:

This Mu book is written by Andy Gell as ”Page 130”. He is odd, I am even. Go figure. It is called ”Hold on 2.0” and is a very nice story about a band doing a comeback. However, one person has died so there is only one person but that does not matter. Both are doing the comeback in some form. It is a nice, alternative history that has some clear connections to ”2023” the novel and to ”Welcome to the dark ages”. It is smooth, thought provoking and just a nice addition to the 400 myth.

I do like it. It is short as are all Project Mu books. 23 pages. But the story in it fits the 23 page frame so there is that. Reading it is like going through ”Welcome to the dark ages” one more time and if you are one of the 400 you surely want to do that… Well, I would think so. If you are not one of the 400 ”Hold on 2.0” will help you understand what went on in Liverpool those days in 2017.

If you were not there or at Burn the shard leg 1 and you want to understand I suggest you to:

Read 2023. Listen to ”Chill out” by the KLF.

Read ”Whatever” and ”Sak samma” and ”Lo Que Sea”. But you are in luck, this is the same play but in different languages.

Read ”Together” by Andy Gell and the Others. It is being translated as you surely know by now. As Project Mu books. Whatever.

Read ”Between the click and the bang” and ”Enabling Between the click and the bang”. You are not in luck. This is a print only fanzine and a print only vanzine. Someone seems to be explaining the contents in digital form though so you can at least read or have parts interpretated, explained or such as:

Yes, is yet another Project Mu book which I will now review.

(The links might work or might not work)

”Project mu book – Vision 2040” tells us that it will explain ”Vision 2040” which is the play I wrote. It does not. It is not written by page 167 either.  I wrote it. Page 167 is the ghostwriter. But the truth is out and this little discordian experiment is now released into the wild.

”Vision 2040” explains one article in ”Between the click and the bang”. After that there are random ramblings. The fanzine clearly asks that it should not be made digital. And now a part of it is. Well, in a way. I expand and explain the article. In detail. But it is not the actual article. Since I also used a ghostwriter I might be off the hook. Or maybe not. But this is the review of another project mu book. There are more…

This is the ”Anti Zeitgeist Manifesto” which is a great Project Mu book. I really like this better than Andys book. Sorry.  They are however very different books. Different genres. But this manifesto really spoke to me. I had already written my own manifesto in a meta style as a mu book. And this just really got to me since it is a manifesto. And a good one. Let´s go back in time. When I was still a teenager I read the futuristic manifesto. It stuck. Nowadays I do forced futuristic art. And I also found out that Marinetti who was one of the writer also wrote the Fascist manifesto.

First, I got a bit sad. But it went away quickly. Even as a teenager I did realize just how -wrong- futurism as a manifesto was. And how -wrong- fascism was. So I have recoded and seen it in another way for more than 20 years. Maybe 23 years.

The Anti Zeitgeist manifesto needs no more reviewing. Go read it. It is great. It is creative.

I think I saw another Project Mu book a while back too and I have yet to order and read it. Maybe there is no more books right now… Maybe there is.

There will however be more project mu books. As Together is coming. As Tillsammans. And there might be more…

This has been a forced futuristic art projects. My name is Pries Verhon. My page number in 2023 is 257.

2 kommentarer

  1. First of all, thanks for the splendid review of the Anti-Zeitgeist Manifesto. You almost hit the nail on the head, in that I was aiming at something like the Futurist Manifestos. However my actual model, which is a bit more obscure, is Blast, the journal / manifesto issued by Wyndham Lewis and the Vorticists.

    You might be interested to know that MuBook Cogito by page 269 was actually _censored_ by Amazaba, on the grounds that (as the bloke who rang me from Seattle said) ‘incomprehensible books might upset people’. Given that the individual in question had never heard of James Joyce, I think we can see the kind of yahoo we are dealing with here.

    Julian Porter
    Page 269

  2. Thanks for the comment and further insight on this!

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