The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – Burn the Shard popart trailer

Two trailers were sent to the authorities last week. On a USB stick. The USB stick is part of forced futuristic art that got sent back to me from other authorities.

The trailers are available on youtube this week. The trailers are for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” and ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”.


The trailers are inspired by ”The Welcome to the dark ages” event last year. Last year saw one ”Sadoschoccck – burn the shard trailer” and these new trailers also have this title with a popart and glitch focus.

The first trailer is for:
”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – Burn the Shard popart trailer”
The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky is edited and a premiere might happen this year or in 2019. The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky is a work in progress.
This is a trailer has a 8bit and popart filter since there is more to tell. You need to see this.
The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky is set in the 1980´s and has a Bollywood filter. It has the morals and ethics of Bollywood movies of that era. The upcoming ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” is set in the 1990´s.
Jess Franco directed 200 movies. My mission is to direct at least 200 trailers and promos. Sadoschoccck is complete and The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage.
As always, the members are welcome to post this video on youtube or other social media.
Since there is more to tell. Editing. Constellations. Interlinked.







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