The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – August 2018 (popart and 8bit trailer) NOT 2017 – 2018!!


So here we go…


So here is a august 2018 trailer. And it is for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It is published now to make some remarks regarding the pinned post. The trailer -clearly- states ”August 2017 popart trailer” but it -is- a trailer for august 2018; since no more trailers will be made for august 2017. The past is the past and this is the present. If anyone is confused remember august 2017 but this -is- for august 2018. The plan is to be able to edit ”The Oasis of Dr Orlvosky” during this year and hopefully also have a public screening. With that in mind, another trailer needed to be made. And more will come. Since there is more to tell. Further info: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky -HAS- been edited and will be at some time be screened or re-edited and then screened. I also plan to do a director´s cut of ”Sadoschccccopppoock” sometime. Since you need to see that. I will probably be able to start edit ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” in June, 2018. So a late premiere in 2018 or some time in 2019 is likely. At the moment, some trial editing has started and haltet but some new editing will probably start to take place during july. Editing is done but re-edit might happen before the premiere of: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky This is a trailer has a 8bit and popart filter since there is more to tell. You need to see this. The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky is set in the 1980´s and has a Bollywood filter. It has the morals and ethics of Bollywood movies of that era. Jess Franco directed 200 movies. My mission is to direct at least 200 trailers and promos. Sadoschoccck is complete and The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage. Since there is more to tell. Editing. Constellations. Interlinked.

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