Re:Member:Ing the dark ages part… Whatever? Sak samma? 23?

Today is july 23, 2018. One year ago part of this happened:


No, not really. The above came later. Day 2. Part of THIS happened though:


Yup that is my page. Pries Verhon is my name, page 257 is my game.

Above is also a 23 pin that I got before the pull. I was a puller. You know the story. The pull north, the invisible wind factory, Badger Kull and all that. We all have a life to live.

Not really. I REFUSE! I RESIST!

Above is my ticket for ”Welcome to the dark ages” which was built by the JAMS. I remember that I visited my mother and was out in the boondocks; north sweden. Bido lito did not really work that great. Some person adviced me (and the others) to use seetickets. I did. I think it was Mr S Silk that posted. Or someone. Anyway, I found the others. I got my ticket. I printed it. I kept it. I kept the page.

We all have a life to go on with. But do we? After all, we are already dead…

Since the dark ages I have…

Translated ”Whatever” by Andy Gell as ”Tillsammans”.

I wrote part of ”Together” By Andy Gell and others.

I wrote my own play: ”Vision 2040”.

I wrote some stuff for a blog.

I wrote a piece for ”Between the click and the bang” which is a print only fanzine. I have the zine. And the vanzine.


At the moment I am translating ”Together” as ”Tillsammans”.

Oh and I wrote a Mu book.

And there are a lot of other stuff. Much has happened. And this is only the beginning right? Right. 🙂

You see, I do not have any facebook memories from today, 23/7. And no Facelife memories either… Whatever. I hate Amazaba. I hate Facelife.

As you were.

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