The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – Beta edit / Beta version

Editing has started when it comes to ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It has also halted due to open shot editor (where most trailers have been made) has gotten super buggy. It will start again and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be edited in the same program as ”Sadoschoccckk”. However, I have managed to create a ”Beta edit” of ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It is very short and should only be considered be part of ”Beta footage in a forced futuristic style”. It might be part of the totally 200 or so trailers or it might not.
”Sadoschcccoookkk” had in total three beta versions and these versions lack a proper ending. For now, ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” has one beta version.
So without further forced futuristic ranting here is:
”The Beta version of The Oasis of Dr Orlvovsky”
Get drawn into it. The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky is the sequel to ”Sadoschoccck” and is set in the 1980´s. It is a tribute movie to Lina Romay and Jess Franco and is made with a popart and glitch filter. It is made with Bollywood ethics and morals of the 1980´s era.
You need to see this.
There is more to tell.
”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be based on existing trailers for Sadoschoccck, The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky. It will also feature some new footage and new music.

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