Slottet av Franz Kafka

Idag, 24/7 2018 läste jag sidan 257 ur Kafkas ”Slottet”. Upplagan från 1990 eller vad det nu är, översatt och liknande av Bo Levander och skickad till Bo Cavefors som jag köpte den av. Cavefors har även han signerat, precis som Herr Levander.

Samma dag som jag fyllde 42 publicerades ovan blogginlägg…

Re:Member:Ing the dark ages part… Whatever? Sak samma? 23?

Today is july 23, 2018. One year ago part of this happened:


No, not really. The above came later. Day 2. Part of THIS happened though:


Yup that is my page. Pries Verhon is my name, page 257 is my game.

Above is also a 23 pin that I got before the pull. I was a puller. You know the story. The pull north, the invisible wind factory, Badger Kull and all that. We all have a life to live.

Not really. I REFUSE! I RESIST!

Above is my ticket for ”Welcome to the dark ages” which was built by the JAMS. I remember that I visited my mother and was out in the boondocks; north sweden. Bido lito did not really work that great. Some person adviced me (and the others) to use seetickets. I did. I think it was Mr S Silk that posted. Or someone. Anyway, I found the others. I got my ticket. I printed it. I kept it. I kept the page.

We all have a life to go on with. But do we? After all, we are already dead…

Since the dark ages I have…

Translated ”Whatever” by Andy Gell as ”Tillsammans”.

I wrote part of ”Together” By Andy Gell and others.

I wrote my own play: ”Vision 2040”.

I wrote some stuff for a blog.

I wrote a piece for ”Between the click and the bang” which is a print only fanzine. I have the zine. And the vanzine.


At the moment I am translating ”Together” as ”Tillsammans”.

Oh and I wrote a Mu book.

And there are a lot of other stuff. Much has happened. And this is only the beginning right? Right. 🙂

You see, I do not have any facebook memories from today, 23/7. And no Facelife memories either… Whatever. I hate Amazaba. I hate Facelife.

As you were.

Here is a july 2018 trailer. And it is for ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”

The plan is to be able to edit ”The Oasis of Dr Orlvosky” during this year and hopefully also have a public screening. With that in mind, another trailer needed to be made. And more will come. Since there is more to tell. I also plan to do a director´s cut of ”Sadoschccccopppoock” sometime. Since you need to see that.

I will probably be able to start edit ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” in June, 2018. So a late premiere in 2018 or some time in 2019 is likely. At the moment, some trial editing has started and haltet but some new editing will probably start to take place during july.

This is a trailer has a 8bit and popart filter since there is more to tell. You need to see this.

The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky is set in the 1990´s and has a Bollywood filter. It has the morals and ethics of Bollywood movies of that era.

Jess Franco directed 200 movies. My mission is to direct at least 200 trailers and promos. Sadoschoccck is complete and The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage.


Since there is more to tell. Editing. Constellations. Interlinked.




The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – Beta edit / Beta version

Editing has started when it comes to ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It has also halted due to open shot editor (where most trailers have been made) has gotten super buggy. It will start again and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be edited in the same program as ”Sadoschoccckk”. However, I have managed to create a ”Beta edit” of ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It is very short and should only be considered be part of ”Beta footage in a forced futuristic style”. It might be part of the totally 200 or so trailers or it might not.
”Sadoschcccoookkk” had in total three beta versions and these versions lack a proper ending. For now, ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” has one beta version.
So without further forced futuristic ranting here is:
”The Beta version of The Oasis of Dr Orlvovsky”
Get drawn into it. The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky is the sequel to ”Sadoschoccck” and is set in the 1980´s. It is a tribute movie to Lina Romay and Jess Franco and is made with a popart and glitch filter. It is made with Bollywood ethics and morals of the 1980´s era.
You need to see this.
There is more to tell.
”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be based on existing trailers for Sadoschoccck, The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky. It will also feature some new footage and new music.

Review:ing Welcome to the dark ages yet again.

But not really. This is just some reviews I make about certain books that were published that themselves are -based- upon ”Welcome to the dark ages” which was built by the JAMS in august 25, 2017.

I cannot review on Amazon; mostly due to giving ”Sak samma” or ”Whatever” great reviews and praising myself for the translation to Swedish of ”Whatever”. I am not sure this is the reason, but I cannot -at the moment- review books or anything on Amazon. For this and other reasons – I HATE AMAZABA.

But whatever. I will review some titles anyway and just do it here on my blog. So here we go. The first book to be reviewed is…

”Whatever (WTF trilogy)” by Andy Gell.

I must confess that I read this for free and online at:


My second confession is that I really just read it while translating it to Swedish. It was being read while translating one could say. And it was!

So I just read it and totally enjoyed it. At the same time I struggled with translating it to Swedish and making it totally gender neutral.

It was a labour of love and somewhat a hassle. But all in all a great way to remember, relive and have another look at ”Welcome to the dark ages”. ”Whatever” and ”Sak samma” are works of fiction but they work oh so well.

The book in question seems to know more than most about what was going on in 2017. It also seems to refer to or know quite a bit about the ”Illuminatus trilogy” but so did ”2023”.

All in all it is a really nice play and made by one of the 400 for the 400 and whoever needs some nice clean and discordian entertainment.


The second piece to be reviewed is:

”Together (WTF trilogy)” by Andy Gell (and others).

I must confess that I myself wrote part of this book and well, it is a great one. And it is also quite a task to read. It is really a inside job and written by several people. It has some clear connections to both ”Whatever” and ”Welcome to the dark ages” but it also works stand alone. I think. I cannot be sure.

It is a book that takes some work to get through. It is not an easy book. It is at times annoying. I found myself at times counting paragraph just to double-check that paragraphs really -were- 23 words long. Trust me on this: They are.

It is really a challenge but I felt happy when finishing it and even more creative. The boost and energy from ”Welcome to the dark ages” are far from over for me. For this I am very happy.

I have started to translate ”Together” as ”Tillsammans” which will be a real challenge.

In other news: I published my own play. Based on ”Welcome to the dark ages”. Also based on ”Whatever”. And based upon the zine ”Between the click and the bang”. Probably based upon or inspired by ”Together” as well but hey, whatever.

I also wrote a Mu book as page 257.  As you were.

There is more to tell…

The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – July 4 2018 popart and 8bit trailer

Today is July 4 and the Independence day for The USA. With that in mind, here is a new trailer for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. It is made with a popart and glitch filter. ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” is set in the 1980´s and has the ethics and morals of Bollywood movies from that era. It is the sequel to ”Sadoschcccookk”. ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” is a forced futuristic art project and is a tribute to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. Jess Franco directed around 200 movies.

I intend to make at least 200 trailers. ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be edited but it also needs more trailers, just like ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”. Get drawn into it. You need to see this. There is more to tell. Long live the USA. Long live ”Sadoschoccck”. Long live forced futuristic art.