The story of Nico Wild

This is the story of Nico. The music of Nico Wild… And the pursuit of a dream.

A few years ago I hung out at a Swedish community. A lot of rock focus but I found my place and stayed on until my late 30´s. The focus group was 16-40 and since I did not start a band or intended to and people were just young I left. Also, I am not really a rocker.

Anyway, a friend at the time told me about Nico. It was not really a pretty story. And I never thought good things would happen to this man. I was however wrong. Well, kind of wrong. Let´s see what went on and tell the story.

Nico is one year older than me so born in 1975. He always wanted to be a rock star and that is fine and dandy. When you are like 14-25 or such. After that… It gets harder. Nico started some small band that went nowhere around 16-19. Then had a break for almost ten years due to personal problems.

When he hit 30 he started again. He really wanted to start a band. A female fronted metal band. And oh, the female had the opportunity of being his girlfriend as well. You see that this is really not a very good idea…

Nico plays drums mainly. Some guitars. But mostly drums. Unfortunatly. He is a really horrible drummer you see. And not much of a guitarist.

I don´t know that much about the music industry but I know a few things. To get a career going you need talent, luck and also to just grind and grind. Keep working hard. But you need talent and quite a lot of it usually. Good looks helps I guess.

Nico never had talent. And never got any talent even if he tried. He practised but it did not work out that great… Grinding but going nowhere. There comes a time when it should just have happened. The breakthrough. Or the big break. Or the slow progress. For Nico it just did not happen.

This was the usual scenario: Nico designed a lot of logos and tried to find band members and wrote biographies and history of the band. And it was always the same. The band would play at Sticky Fingers and international festivals. He even made interviews with himself. A lot of writing and not much rehearsing. And no real band. Some people joined but dropped out since it was always the same story. Nicos band and no one else. If a female singer joined she also quit since the girlfriend thing was not that cool.

Nico really should have quit. And I do not know about any band that starts at a big festival or at Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers is a rather well-known rock club and does not let anyone gets to play there. Nico never wanted to start from the bottom it seems and just went on and on about the great gig and the great band. And there was never really a band for long.

Then he came up with ”metal project x” which was inspired from the ”Project X” movie. His idea was that singers, guitar players and bassists, also vocalists from all over the world would send him snippets for a great band. It did not work out. He wanted it to be more of a solo effort than a band and again, had no real talent of his own. So it came to nothing.

After that it was time for ”Nico Wild and friends”. A more close to home project as he stated but basically the same idea. His friends would send sounds and the solo album would happen. Again with the same result. Nothing came of it…

Over the years Nico tried at least 3 bands per year for tne years or more. And nothing really happened. A lot of people just told him to give it up. Or to be realistic. To start a hobby band, maybe sing at open mic. But he would not have it. So he kept on. And this is where it gets weird. He really should have given up. Or so it seems…

Nico had a particular band that he tried to reboot several times and it alwys failed. And he was now 40. Usually a rock career starts at 17 or 18 or 25. After 27 it is just hard. And you need talent. Some get lucky. But usually when you are younger. There comes a time when you just need to be realistic. But Nico did not quit.

So he rebooted his particular band again. The same as many times before. But this time some guys actaully stuck around! And they rehearsed. And wrote a few songs. And they managed to find a female guest singer. After that the most amazing thing happened. Their band DID get a gig. And they got a gig at Sticky Fingers! That rather big rock club! It was a showcase for new bands and they secured a spot. And they did play a gig!

After that they had no female singer. Some guys left. Some new guys became part of the band. I stopped following him on the Internet. And well I don´t know what happened after that. Nico probably wanted to find a new singer. And some more members perhaps.

The point here is that it took ten years. But Nico pulled through. And his band got a gig. Nothing more happened but it still goes to show that you can make a dream come true. At least a little. If you have a big dream it may not come true but part of it can.

And so it is.