Sadoschoccpoooccck – Burn the shard popart and 8bit trailer

Here is the November 23/11 2017 popart and 8bit trailer for Sadoschcccokkkcccpoccck. Since there is so much more to tell about the Little garden, the Oasis and those Tentacles. The trailer is made due to the events by the JAMS in London on the 23/11 in the year 2017. I cannot attend but this is a trailer concerning the burning of the Shard.
Getting closer to 150 and 200 trailers, footage, promos, and beta edits now. Get drawn into it. This is a trailer has a 8bit and popart filter since there is more to tell. You need to see this. Since the trailer concerns the little garden. Where Sadoschocccck is avaiable, both as fiction and perhaps even as an actual product. A call to or from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine is possible.
Sadoschocccckccpocccockcocccpk is set in the 1970´s and has a Bollywood filter. It has the morals and ethics of Bollywood movies of that era.
Jess Franco directed 200 movies. My mission is to direct at least 200 trailers and promos. Sadoschoccck is complete and The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage. It also needs more actors and actresses.
There exists a possibility for a soundtrack EP as well, for both Sadoschocccck and The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky. The soundtrack needs to have a 1970´s or 1980´s jazz vibe with an annoying tone. Some 90´s electronica can also be used in between. Annoying, obscure and with a long shot, jump cut, zoom focus in sound.
Also, there is a instagram account to follow since my name is Pries Verhon: – The account has 8423 posts for reasons at the moment unknown. Most are connected to forced futuristic art. Also known as FFA or PFK. Get drawn into it.

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