Re:membering The Dark Ages – 2 months later (almost). The Graduation ball and regarding Badger Kull


This is Dj Badger Kill reporting. Formerly a member of Badger Kunt, a tribute band for Badger Kull. DJ Badger Kill forever known as DJ Kaustiksoda AKA Pries Verhon AKA Synthfrisyr also known as?


So once again I find myself reflecting. Yes, I have seen Blade Runner 2049 now. Dream 2019. Or do not dream. The dream is real. The dark ages are over. Do not be afraid. We are already dead. That day of the Day. The Band.

Badger Kull.


Four persons of male gender. Playing bass. All playing bands.

I find myself again trying to remember. Yes, I had seen the fire. They did build a fire. Yes, I saw the ice cream van. Yes, I had a kagool on. Black and yellow. Nice touch. And I saw the Dalek. I saw the fire burn. Nailed it is what you can say. I had a black and yellow bag. Kafka on the shore. In it some stuff bought. Or traded. A original black Badger Kull t-shirt. The 2023 T-shirt in cardboard. Some starbucks cups with a yoko ono face on them. A avatar. Knock-off. And some other stuff. I do not remember all. But the dark ages are over. Welcome to the light ages.


So I took a walk and I entered the Invisible wind factory. There did not seem to be a wardrobe. I removed my rain coat. And put it in the bag. On stage were DJ Food and also Greg Wilson. Ah. The music. The set. The people. We had our panda faces on. The 400. Well, some had managed to remove the Badger faces. And some had not. And there was a Badger Kull poster. A raffle. To win a signed poster with all the members of the band… Also other activities. And other people. Just there to have a fuuk. Or a rave. Or a club. Since it is a night club. There was also a smaller, empty stage. Later two people entered it. Yes, there was certificates of graduation. I wrote my name on two of the certificates. The JAMS signed them. That is The KLF. Bill Drummond. Jimmy Cauty. And they signed them as King Boy D and Rockman Rock. As they should. Since they are the Justified Ancients of MuMu. Also known as The Timelords. 2K. The KLF. And other names… And they did sign. I had graduated.


What else? Oh yes. There was that band that would play. Three minutes. One song. One time only. Badger Kull. And there was more to tell. I saw Jarvis Cocker on the dance floor. Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. Who had sung on Justified and Ancient. He kind of looked almost like in the video for ”Disco 2000”. Well, slightly older. But we are all 23 years older… Or such. He was dancing. I told him that I saw him as the new Tammy Wynette. Or as her equal. Since he is. Now. He did not use to be. But now he is. He is one of the people who has worked with what I from now on will refer to as The KLF.

Glenn Hughes. Jarvis Cocker. Tammy Wynette. Ricardo Da Force. And yes, I suppose also Whitney joined the JAMS. Well not really. Some other characters as well. Maxine Harvey. Tony Thorpe of the Moody Boyz. Scott Piering. And then some. Ah. Another time. But this night belonged to Jarvis. To me. To the 400. And mostly to Badger Kull. And in the background the movie was playing. To the music of DJ Food and Greg Wilson… Another edit.

The set was great. It is great. I danced and just danced. Since the music was great. From ”Killer” with Seal and well some How soon is now. And light my fire… The Doors. And well all that is good and proper and mashed up in a great way. Superb. I was outside talking to people. Dancing. Was invited to a beer. I drank a beer. Or two.

And then…

Badger Kull.

On stage. They were there. The band.

And yes, they did perform the song.

The only song. Four bass players. And the song was that. The song. It was great. And the party went on. It really did. There was more dancing. And the certificate was signed. Yes, two certificates. One signed by Bill. One by Jimmy. I had graduated. It felt good. I did not wonder why. Of course I had graduated. I had seen the fire. I had helped to pull a ice cream van. I had a t-shirt. And so on. It was good. And it was to end. The dark ages ends. They did end. Those days…

And I was a bit tired. A lot of dancing. And pulling north. So I finally decided to exit before 3 AM. I had company with a person from the hostel. We walked and talked. It was a long walk. And I did a small song as a tribute. ”Bring your daughter to the slaughter”. After eating great food that is. And then I slept. That was the ball. And there is now only one day left. The day I left the Dark Ages. The day I left Liverpool on National Express. Bound for Stansted. Bound for Skavsta. I had a home to go to and a life to lead. I was not afraid. I was already day…


I remember some other things. A big sign. The invisible light factory. People dancing. Young, old and such. And members of Badger Kunt. And Budger Kull. And so on… And the poster.

But I did walk back to the hostel with another person. And we talked. He worked with TV. Real tv that is. Not online but real. With cameras.

The dark ages were soon to be over.

I will probably write about day four. Since there is more to tell.

For now, this is DJ Badger Kill signing out…


since I did a small performance at the hostel…

Over and out. For now.

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