Re:membering The Dark Ages – 1 month and 23 hours later… (Day 2 and the day before). Part 2. There will be more parts. Later.

So. Did day 1 pass? Was there an event? Did I go to Liverpool? Did I go home? Did we all die? Or are we all already dead? The plot thickens…

This is from day 2. And perhaps some memories from day 1 as well… I find myself reflecting. Trying to remember. Looking back… To the dark ages that were and maybe they still are?


The above picture was taken with a disposible camera. One time use. So it seems people WERE in Liverpool. Right? Right? Can anyone confirm? It seems so…


It gets muddy. Old. But this is my story… So, day 2:

I got to the Dead Perch Lounge, thursday 24th of november 2017. At least the pamphlet says so. But it was august 2017, right? Right? It gets dark here. But this is my story. I was there after having breakfast at the hostel. So how about second breakfast? I had. It was good. There was coffee. In a Yoko Ono mug. I think I met Gimpo this day. And two other fans. The other fans signed a 7″ America: What time is love single with ”Not Bill Drummond” and ”Not Jimmy Cauty”. Gimpo signed it with ”Gimpo” after saying that he wasn´t The KLF. And Gimpo was not the KLF… Still, good signatures.

I also think some people started to sign my 78″ record with Brita Borg this day. But maybe not. It is all so muddy and dark. Like I am already dead. Or just starting to be alive…

But this is my story.


I got to the Bombed out church. I was put into a group. We got some instructions. I asked if there was a microphone. There was. We took off to The shipping forecast. Book three, chapter 1. Appendix. That was my group. We had coffee. Beer. Some tequila. I bought a book and a coaster for my mother. Got a bag that I painted on. From the Shipping Forecast. So did the others. Well, maybe all others did not buy books and coasters for their mothers but still.

There were Kazoos. I decided not to play mine. I got to read from a page in the book. I had some lunch. We got back to the Church (Of the KLF perhaps). The groups had presentations. What the fuuk was going on?

Our group did good. But I do think that the group who did the ”What the fuuk is going on” christmas number one did the best.


Going back. I might have talked to Jimmy Cauty on day 2. Maybe not. Or Maybe. Anyway, I presented him with a gift. A USB stick with a trailer for Sadoschccccooock on it. In a nice box. I gave it to Daisy Campbell who was the gift collector. I told Jimmy that I considered him and Bill Drummond as artistic equals. I asked him to not burn the gift since it was given to him in the Dead Perch and not at the book shop. He looked a bit smug and reflecting. So did Jimmy ever see the trailer? What happened to the box? I do not know.


What I do know is that I talked to Bill Drummond at the church. I told him about seeing the documentary about ”Imagine waking up tomorrow and all music has dissepered” (I know I spell it wrong but that is not important at the dark ages). He was pleased and laughed at my story. I was happy.


Anyway, going forward… My group got back to the church. We got soup. It was tasty. Things got performed. We all kind of started to get just what the fuuk was going on…


So. This was day two… Day three will follow…

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