Re:membering The Dark Ages – 1 month and 23 hours later… (Day 1 and the day before). Part 1. There will be more parts. Later.

So… Lets see here. What the Fuuk was going on? What happened in Liverpool? Was there really any dark ages? Did the JAMS release a novel? Did Jarvis Cocker join the JAMS? Was a fire built? Did Badger Kull play live? Does the Invisible wind factory exist? Are we still alive or are we all already dead?

I find myself reflecting… And trying to remember…


Well, the above image is me. I suppose. At the Mad hatters hostel. We are all mad there… And here. Madness.

So lets remember…


I went to the Dark Ages. First by bus to Skavsta. The by plane to Stansted. Then the National express to Liverpool. I checked in. And I went to News from nowhere. Yes. Bill and Jimmy did arrive. I saw it. I took pictures. And I went back to the hostel. That was before day 1…


Day 1.

It gets muddy. But this is my story. I will use the instructions as base; that I was given from the Pamphlet that as stated has no instructions…

I got the Pamphlet at Dead Perch Lounge on day 1. I was there in the morning around 9 or so… I do not remember. I got my wristband though. I still have that. Not intact but still.

I got to Constellations at 13.00 UK time. Well, I was there a bit early. Since I really wanted to get my Job Card. I was given my card. I was to be a great north puller.

I was confused but I managed to get to News from nowhere. I bought the book. 2023. It was the last copy at the time, all the other copies were reserved and waiting for persons that had bought them online.


Lets go back to the day before though. I mean day one but around 00:23…

I do remember getting to the bookshop. There was a long line. Photographers. People. Amongst these people were the fans. Several. I shook hands. I met the person that is at times called the ”Sheriff of Mu Country” – who became one of the admins in the KLF group after the Dark Ages… Mr M R or such…

Back to day 1.


Before 19.00 I was at the Black-E. The debate and stuff about Why the K Foundation began. Gimpo was there. Also Mr Jeremy Deller of 1997: What the fuck is going on fame. And others. We listened. We voted. I voted.

We kind of got why. I suppose I got it – partly. I have read the book. I still have it. So sure.. I know now why the money was burnt. Or do I?

But I digress. I will try to note down more about that and day 2 in a new post… For now – this was what I remember of day 1 and the day before day 1…

Vaya con dios for now and Remember the Dark Ages – and hail Eris!


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