The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – August 2017 popart and 8bit trailer part 1 of 2. #PFK

Here is a popart and 8bit trailer for The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky. ( Second PFK Trailer of 2) This is a trailer for August 2017 and it has a 8bit and popart filter. Sadoscchoooock is set in the 1980´s and has a Bollywood filter. It has the morals and ethics of Bollywood movies of that era.




Jess Franco directed 200 movies. My mission is to direct at least 200 trailers and promos. Sadoschoccck is complete and The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage. #getdrawnintoit #youneedtoseethis #mynameispriesverhon #3legit