Triple Van Damme. Triple Impact

This is and idea for a sequel to the movie double impact.



Ok. Just add images of Van Damme 2017 as it is made now. On the above image we see the TWO male brothers and the third SISTER.

YES. Van Damme LOOKS LIKE A GIRL in ”Hard target”. So there were not TWO brothers. There were TWO brothers and ONE sister! WOW

So how can that be? You only see boys in the movies.


The family had TRIPLETS. The Yakuza (since Japan or Hong Kong, whatever) KIDNAPS the girl from the hospital. The parents agree NOT to tell ANYONE about this since well the Yakuza and all.

The parents agree to tell the two guys when they are like 15 or 10 or whatever. But the parents (SPOILER WARNING) die in the first movie when the boys are babies so they just dont know.

BUT like 20 years after the events in double impact ”TRIPLE IMPACT” takes place. The two males are taking it easy, having good life but a bit boring. The Yakuza then decides to try and take other the dojo in the US or whatever. And since the sister grew up in Yakuza she is EVIL. And the MEN are good. Get it? HUH?

So then general slapstick happen and this is a comedy. And Van Damme plays a girl. Since that is funny.

All is fun and games with puns like the Van Damme sister saying ”Well they just got a double impact” when the final showdown happens and she beats bot male van damme in the faces at once with to fists. Since fun.

She can also in the beginning just kill a hole group of male CIS guys and say: ”They CIS:ed to exist”

And like say: ”Take this pussy” while she beats the crap out of random douchebag.

The Van Damme guys can say: ”Well of course we can take out one little girl since we are so heterosexual” while dressing up as women (to infiltrate the yakuza).


The movie ends with a TWIST.

The female KILLS both the brothers!


After the credits it says….

Get ready for…

”Single Van Damme”

”Single Impact”

A gritty sequel when the female Van Damme wipes out the entire yakuza and runs it by herself with a team of all female sidekicks