The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – October 2016 popart and 8bit trailer

October 2016 is here and so is another ”The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” trailer. The tentacles bid you welcome. There is so much more to tell. Much much more. Always more… So get drawn into it. You need to see this.

This trailer has a popart and 8bit filter and the movie is set in the 1990’s with ethics and morals that fit the Bollywood movie scene of that era. It needs more footage and naturally also more trailers. Since there is more to tell. This is a planned project.

Jess Franco directed more than 200 movies and my mission is to make at least 200 trailers, short film or other footage that concerns the completed Sadochoccck and The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and of course also for the planned The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky.

Get drawn into it.

There is more to tell.

You need to see this.

A forced futuristic art project.