Sadoschocccccck – Glitch remix number 3

So this is a very glitched futuristic version of Sadoschoccck. A gltich and 8bit remix. Two has been made and this is glitch remix number 3. Made in reverse, and in a cropped mode from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. This is a test only but it works well.

Like the first glitch remix it is based on the beta version of Sadoschoccck which is made in total three parts of video. The idea was to make four parts and put the together but only three parts were made due to technical problems. This glitch remix is made from footage not used in the first glich remix. So this is made from previously unseen material. The three parts of the Sadoschoooock beta has not yet been seen or uploaded.

Sadoschoooccck is dedicated to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. At least 200 trailers and short films will be made since Jess Franco directed more than 200 movies. Sadoschoccck is set in the 1970´s and has those ethics and morals with a Bollywood glitch.

There is more to tell. You need to see this. Come to the Little garden. Come to Sadoschocccck. A forced futuristic art project.

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