The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky casting trailer

The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky needs more footage. With that in mind, here is a casting trailer. Sadoschocccck does not wait and neither does the Oasis.

Sadoschoccck and The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky are both part of a forced futuristic art project and the sequel to ”The little garden” has a 1980’s Bollywood touch since some time has passed after the events in Sadoschoccck.

Jess Franco has more than 200 director credits to his name – my mission is to make at least 200 trailers/short films. For now, Sadoschooocccckoccck is complete and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be more actively produced during this year – and this casting trailer is a way to get people interested to join the cast as Jessica, Freskö, Dr Orlovsky and also Fhu Manschuyi and Naylaand Smioth of the Scotland Yard. Also as Pries Verhon.

Join the cast in: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

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