The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – March 2105 trailer 2

May is here and the tentacles does not wait. The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky, that is. It is time for another trailer to be uploaded.

Sadoschoccckocccpkock is complete and needs a directors cut. Also, more trailers.

This trailer was delivered to a court in Stockholm since it was relevant for my case along with a trailer for ”Sadoschoooockkk”, and a trailer for ”The oasis of Dr Orlovsky”.

All in all three snippets from these movie projects dedicated to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. All with a Bollywood touch, and as for The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky a 1990´s feel in ethics and morals.


Jess Franco has more than 200 director credits to his name – my mission is to make at least 200 trailers/short films. For now, Sadoschooocccckoccck is complete and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be more actively produced.

Get drawn into it. Get embraced by the tentacles…
Of Dr. Soledaro Orlovsky.

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