The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky – Teaser trailer

Below is the first official trailer for the planned ”The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” which is the proposed sequel to both ”Sadoschcooooock” and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. Be aware that this is a proposed title that may change during the production for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. As with Sadoschoooock this is a tribute movie for Jess Franco and Lina Romay. ”Sadoshcooooock” has 1970´s ethics and morals. ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” has 1980´s ethics and morals. Move into the 90´s. Be embraced by the upcoming… Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky. The trailer is at Förvaltningsrätten and has so been for a while. It has been available in the closed, private group ”The disciples of 3K” and is now available on various social platforms. Beware of the Tentacles. Beware of Sadoschocccck. And come to the Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

Beware the tentacles…

The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky – Second official trailer

Below is the second official trailer to ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.” The trailer was also sent to Förvaltningsrätten due to being very relevant for my case there.
Get drawn into it. Get drawn into The oasis of Dr Orlovsky. And we are all part of…. Sadoschcccoooock.

Sadoschocccck and The Oasis of Dr Olrlovsky are both feature films which are in honour of Jess Franco and Lina Romay. Sadoschoooock has 1970´s ethics and morals – The Oasis of Dr Orlovksy has 1980´s ethics and morals. And both have a Bollywood filter.

Sadoschocccck – November 2014 trailer.

The trailer that was sent to Förvaltningsrätten as part of my case ‪#‎relevantförmittärende‬ – There was also sent the second official trailer for ”The oasis of Dr Orlovsky” and a trailer for the planned ”The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”. Before 2015 starts the second trailer to ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will be posted here. ‪#‎sadoschocccck‬ will have a premiere with an event in 2015 – hopefully before march. In the meantime; get drawn into another trailer. For Sadoschoccck. Also, another case was opened at Förvaltningsrätten regarding if moviemaking could be seen as getting support from the city. This means, naturally that at least three trailers will be made – one for Sadoschocccck, one for the Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and of course a trailer for the planned”The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”.