The concept of Forced Futuristic Art and #PFK

The artist life.


Did you hear that? Did you read that? Did you get noticed? Maybe.

Clouds of #ffa

Clouds of #ffa

Then again, maybe not.

True clouds of #FFA

True clouds of #FFA

Did you get a comment? Maybe. Then again; maybe not.

Did you get a like? Mabye. Then again; maybe not.



Still, you and I as artists keep creating.

And here is the thing. In Sweden, there is a concept of city goverment. The court system. And other instances that register and keep track of all that is part of their responsibilty. And that is a lot. All that you write, all that you turn in is mostly available for anyone to take part of. To get a copy of. To get a explanation. To notice.


This is why Forced Futuristic Art works. I use a USB stick. Or a CD. Or a DVD. Or paper. Any media will really do. I put my art on this media. I turn it into the court or the tax office or whatever. They have to register it. And if it is a text file they have to read it. Will they understand the art? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it registered? Yes. Can I myself get it back? Yes. Can anyone get it back or look into it? Yes.


They will take part of my art. They have to. It is forced. It is futuristic. It is art. Since I call it art.

The trailers to Sadoschoccck? Part of #ffa and #pfk

The trailer to The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky? Part of #ffa and #pfk

The upcoming screening of Sadoschocck? Yes, it will also be part of #ffa and #pfk


The rule in Sweden is to keep all documents at least 5 years. I twice (2) got all my documents from Västerås. From 2008 until 2014. Also twice (2) from Södertälje from 2014. In 2018 there is an election year. There will be more to tell. I will again, choose to get all my documents from Västerås and from Södertälje. All will be part of #ffa and promo material for a performance, a movie, a short film, a photo session or some art related activity. And the thing is, I have the right to get all the material out. It may cost around 500-1000 krona but it will be art. It will be used. And you will take part of it. Or the tax agency. For another five years…

Then a pause. 2022? Election year… Time for more #ffa

A ongoing concept.

My name is Pries Verhon. Or Dr Soledaro Orlovsky.

This is Sadoschoccck (part of #FFA )

Next: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

Get drawn into it. Or not. But the court will get drawn into it. The tax agency. They have to. It is so. #PFK

Below is the first trailer for: The oasis of Dr Orlovsky (Which is the sequel to Sadoschooooock). Both movies are in memory of Jess and Lina. ”Sadoschocccck” has a bollywood 1970´s look and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will more be set in the 1980´s (morally and ethically still Bollywood).…
Well, the first traler for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” is now officially on youtube and will also be shared in other social media.
On tuesday, another trailer for ”Sadoschoccccck” will be sent to Stockholms förvaltningsrätt – along with the second trailer for ”The oasis of Dr Orlovsky” if I have the energy for creating that. Before 2015 the trailer for ”Sadoschoccccck” will be posted here and officially on youtube and such at january, 17 2015.
Get drawn into the Oasis. And get drawn into Sadoschocccck.Will post the event for the performance when the time comes for that – most probably in the beginning of 2015. Will show the video for Stormrider- Fuck the world, ”Love theme from Sadoschoccck” music video (Love in paradise) after which the performance will happen. After that, the official premerie of….