2014 ponderings.

All right! Plans for 2014:

No more chips. No more candy (chocolate is allowed). No more carbonated beverages (allowed at Quility Raves but only like every third rave). No more alcohol (again, allowed at quality raves and mixed with energy mixes).

Apart from that time for Spontandans when possible.

Also, a visit to Evigheten with Morsan Gaia (Don´t put it at the same time as Boom and four days would be great, also -please- don´t cancel. Also, hoping for some Klubb Vidunder and KaosKalas at the last day of April).

Setting the goal to go to Boom Festival Official in Portugal. Roadtrip planned, 3-4 people are more than welcome to join and to spend at least 3 weeks total on the road and on the Festival.

There should also be plenty of clubbing and raves with Jessica Lundberg – that has such a high chance of happening very often. But, Tech Noir and Kväll Höglund should work out.

Of course some manifestation at May 1 in Nykvarn since that is… needed.

Also, getting a tattoo on May 25, this time the Latvian Personas kods. And, voting on the same day – going to pick the Swedish Piratpartiet this time. Also voting in september and right now it seems like Folkpartiet will be the political cancer of choice for Riksdagen. Not that I really agree with them on some major issues but well, they are the best cancer available right now…

And, hoping for some visits from Riga and also a trip myself for a weekend, perhaps to meet some Electric Friends and if there is some rave that would of course be nice.