Police visit.

This is basically a follow-up to the break-in I had.

I decided to visit the Riga police and just report what happened. After some google:ing I came across the police station at Lomonosova Iela. So I took a walk there for like 5 kilometers.

First, I was naturally considered a tourist (this is mainly due to the fact of not speaking latvian or russian). Then, I was told to check with the police at Matisa Iela. This was further corrected to the police at Kiljanu Iela which is like 5-10 minutes from there I live. So, I walked home and checked the adress.

Then I went to the police at Kiljanu Iela and basically told my story. So, the police have my phone number if my driver license or something turns up.

In the meantime I have borrowed some cash from a friend and gotten a new Rimi card. Also, I contacted the swedish ”körkortsportalen” which will send an application for getting a new drivers license in some manner…

There will be a new SEB card from my bank here in Latvia, and eventually a new card at swedish Ica bank. Apart from that I will make a visit to the library one of these days and get a new library card…

That´s the story. Locking the doors more closely.