A break in, a crime committed.

So, sometime during the night turning into this day I heard a distinctive door slam noice. I was fast asleep and kept sleeping. Woke up this morning and found that the outer door was open. The main lock, which I don’t normally lock was turned to a locked position but the door was slightly open. The inner door was also slighly open. Whenever I get home, I usually close the first front door and it locks one lock automatically. Now, the other lock was turned to a locked position.

I closed both door and took a look around in the apartment.

Someone has broken into my apartment; and my wallet was stolen. Swedish driver license – gone. Two credit cards – gone. 15 lats cirka – gone.

Nothing else is missing as far as I know. My passport which was next to the wallet is still around. So, I’ve blocked the cards. Gonna order a new credit card later after work, and take a visit to the police tomorrow. My drivers licence might turn up somewhere…

Well, from now on just going to keep doors locked to the maximum…

Personas kods is at place, but I’ll have to pay the fee some other time since cash & cards are missing… Will get a new card in five days or something like that…

Let’s see if all is in order when I get home…
Yeah… Crime Scene Nights

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