Mobile phone troubles.

Ah so this is the situation right now: I can’t receive sms messages due to some ”technical error”. I heard from some people that sms cold not be delivered. So I checked with my phone provider. The first thing to try was to delete sms messages and make room. So I did that. I was sent a test sms, and that has not gotten to me yet. The second step was for the phone company to check with ”technical support”. So, tomorrow I will call about that. In the meantime; call me or just mail me or message me hear okay?

Message me ”here” is the message… The medium is the massage? Age of the mess?

So I tried to register my number on some sort of account/phone admin site – turns out you need some sms code to put in… That I dont get… Since SMS is not getting to me… Calling again tomorrow after work or at lunch about this.

Right. Called customer service and it was basically… ”Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?” that I actually haven´t tried… I think I managed to drop the phone and have the battery removed turning it off -that- way but not sure. So I got the advice to turn it off and remove the simcard. Then replace the simcard. Turn it back on. Guess what? Now it works again. And I work with IT customer support and give the same kind of advice quite a few times… Anyway, it works

So, not turning the phone of and removing sim card… And not turning it on and trying -before- asking some customer service… Well, feeling a bit akwardly silly about it.

Visions of redemption

Visions of salvation

Futurism 2.0

I just saw ”Visions of ecstasy” directed by Nigel Wintrope. A short film which has a few claims to fame; the main being that it is the only film that has been banned in England on the sole grounds of blasphemy.

The film is indeed a short film, and without dialogue.

Now having seen it I can surely understand the desire and action for why it was banned. It is a highly erotic film with a focus on sexual fantasies between a nun and a dead Christ still attached to his cross. Apart from this it also features the standard ”Nunsplotation”. However, the scenes that really create the most effect are the scenes between the nun and Christ.

What really makes me understand the reason for imposing censorship is that the erotic scene are also very connected to more approved scenes of worship. What I relate to here is the…

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