Spring Zouk goes on…. Red bulls svar om Spring zouk och mitt meddelande till dem om samma festival… Har armbandet kvar.


I just wanted to inform you that this event was bad for your publicity since the festival was a failure. I think that the organizers for Spring zouk 2012 have tried to hide their mistakes. Anyways. Cheers.


From: info@in.redbull.com
Subject: Re: Questions/Comments|http://www.redbull.in
To: slaggprodukt@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:53:20 +0530

Hi Richard,

We would like to inform you that this is a Red Bull India email id and we were not the organizers for Spring zouk festival. You will have to get in touch with their team for any details. Thank you.

Red Bull India


Message: For full details about spring zouk 2012 please see: https://synthfrisyr.wordpress.com/ Your ticket booking details at KyaZoonga.com [Incident: 120209-000011] > > > Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support > center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. > > In case you need to send any new updates to this case before you > receive our response, please reply to this email. > > [===> Please enter your reply below this line <===] I have contacted spring zouk india via their mail. No response what so ever. The webpage is down. I think they took the earnings and closed shop. When we left you were STILL selling ticckets to NEW festival visitors. Even though NOTHING happened on the island. I asked your representative at the gate close to the ferry that went to the island and he said: we can’t just pack up and leave or the likes. So you sold tickets while no festival had started and it was late. I want a refund from spring zouk as I’ve said. Or from you. If you had representatives AT the island please let them answer me WHAT bands played and THEN and WHEN the festival ended. When did it beging? Do you know? I am aware that I can’t hold you responsible but I don’t want people to lose their hard earned money NEXT year. And if spring zouk 2012 made money I want a refund from them. However they don’t feel like answering me… I respect your answer. I still think you should have stopped selling tickets to more unfortunate visitors who went to the festival after we left and saw… what? Please, I would really like to know if ANY act played. Like when did Vibraspehere play? Juno Reactor? And the rest. The reason I DO ask you is that spring zouk does not answer at all. So I DO appriciate your response and your patience. But I would like som more details if you can. The newspaper just report about foreingers being clad in scandalous clothes and the likes. Wikipedia reports some porn gate… But what about the artists playing? DID they play? I don’t know. But it did not start at all during ALL the time we we were at the island… Therefore I ask you assistance and await your answer. > > [===> Please enter your reply above this line <===] > > Subject > ————————————————————— > Your ticket booking details at KyaZoonga.com > > > Discussion Thread > ————————————————————— > Response Via Email(KyaZoonga Customer Service) – 02/20/2012 02:09 PM > Dear Richard, > > We regret the inconvenience caused and the trouble you had to go through. > > We however do want to clarify that as a ticketing partner to the event we cannot comment on anything other than the ticket delivery operations, and do not have any control over the preparedness of the venue (including the box office and other event related infrastructure), the organization and functioning of the event. > > You will therefore need to address your concerns to the event organizer. > Please send an email to info@springzouk.in. Please note that all purchases per the terms and conditions are non refundable, however if the event organizers direct us to refund the ticket amount to you, we will do so. > > Thanks, > > KyaZoonga Customer Service > > Customer By Email (Richard W) – 02/15/2012 06:40 PM > Additional details: > > > We were being told buses were arranged by the festival from Vagator. 1000 rp to and from. They did not arrive. We took a taxi and payed ourselfs. > > > > waiting time 5 hours for boat. When we arrived there was no water or food available for a few hours. > > > > When we left the festival area you were STILL selling tickets. So I DO hold you responsible. At least partly responsible. Spring zouk officials have not replied to me yet. I send this mail to them too. > > > I want a full refund of 8463,36 rp. From you or from the festival organizers. I await response from springzouk.

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